A Message from the CEO, August 2023

By Troy Appling, President & CEO

In his book Community Banking from Crisis to Prosperity, Tim Koch, the former President of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, stated

“Community banking is about the importance of relationships.”

I could not agree more. That statement is also true about The Bankers Bank. It may sound corny, but a central message I preach is that we do not have customers, we have friends who do business with us.

I absolutely believe that. Banking in general is a commodity. We all just move money. There are other places where you could obtain correspondent banking services. We believe what sets TBB apart is not only the quality of services, but how we make you feel. We truly value our relationship with every one of our customers. We can provide you with better services when we know you and your business needs.

While the headlines talk about Silicon Valley Bank, liquidity, regulatory pressures and inflation, we are focused on the direct needs of our community of banks. Thank you for the opportunity to be your banker. I look forward to the next time we get to see each other.


Troy Appling, President & CEO

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