Hot Topics in the Banking Industry

by Kas Stewart, SVP & AAP

There is something about starting a new year that creates the opportunity to start fresh, make changes, and explore new  and changing services. As you review 2023 and rethink 2024, please include The Bankers Bank  in that process. Reach out to your calling officer and ask for a review of our capabilities. We strive to keep community banks on the leading edge and have a full range of services to do just that.

Are you fully utilizing iWeb?  Have you logged on to the website,, and viewed the iWeb videos?  You may find something new, an answer to a question or refresher training for your employees.  

Do you have suggestions for improving iWeb? Are there reports we could offer in iWeb that would save time for you?

Did you delay implementation of FedNow in 2023?  The Federal Reserve now has 400 participants, and the momentum will only increase.  Should we discuss the process and talk about use cases?

The Bankers Bank is also a funding agent for RTP, a faster payment product that has been available for 5 years.  Should we compare RTP and FedNow and find the best alternative for your bank?  Instant payments appear to be a high priority.

Does your bank offer SBA loans?  The Bankers Bank added an SBA loan processor last year to assist with the application process and submitting the loan.

Would you like to earn a slightly higher rate on excess deposits?  Check out our Money Market Deposit Account.

Have you explored the services that subsidiaries, Forward in Technology and Bankers Professional Services, Inc., and our partners provide?

The Bankers Bank, never a competitor, always a partner.