BSA/AML Questionnaire


  • Bearer Shares – Corporation stock certificates that allow ownership of the corporation to be conveyed by simply transferring physical possession of the shares.
  • Cannabis Related Businesses – Those businesses involved in the growing, manufacturing, distribution, sale, or ownership of marijuana or marijuana-related consumables.
  • Internet Bank – Bank operating solely on the Internet, without any physical premises.
  • Internet Gambling or Gaming Companies – A business or organization that places, receives, or knowingly transmits bets or wages by any means which involves the use, at least in part, of the Internet.
  • Money Service Business – An entity doing business in one or more of the capacities listed below.
    • Dealer in foreign exchange
    • Check casher
    • Issuer or seller of traveler’s checks or money orders
    • Provider of prepaid access
    • Money transmitter
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • Seller of prepaid access
  • Ownership – “Beneficial or true owner” of an account is an individual who has a level of control over, or entitlement to, the funds or assets in the account that, as a practical matter, enables the individual, directly or indirectly, to control, manage, or direct the account. This includes both owners who own directly and those that own indirectly through other entities or individuals.
  • Offshore Banking Unit – A bank with a license to conduct banking activities that, as a condition of the license, prohibits the licensed entity from conducting banking activities with the citizens, or in the local currency of, the jurisdiction that issued the license.
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) – Senior foreign political figures and their immediate family members and close associates.
  • Professional Service Provider – Acts as an intermediary between its client(s) and the bank.
  • Trading Companies – Companies organized to carry on commerce with foreign nations or in overseas territories.