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By Kas Stewart, SVP and AAP

FedNow is live! The Bankers Bank is proud that we were among the first to become fully certified by the Federal Reserve and we are ready to make this product available. We have talked to many of our customers over the past year and have banks that are preparing to implement the service. If we have not talked to you, and you are interested in more detail, please call and we will schedule a visit. If you are preparing to implement FedNow and we can help you, please reach out. The use of this product is predicted to grow slowly, so if you aren’t ready yet, don’t worry, we will be available when you are ready!

A recent payments study by the Federal Reserve showed that noncash payments have been growing at a rate of 9.5% per year since 2018 and totaled 128.51 trillion in 2021. ATM withdrawals are declining by 10.1% per year and total 3.7 billion. The full study is available at

COMING SOON! A new product, Strategic Planning and Business Continuity Planning for Community Banks, will be available through The Bankers Bank.

Banking is evolving, new technology is available, opportunities for change and growth exist. Where is your bank in the strategic planning process? What business opportunities do you have, or should you be considering? Watch for a detailed announcement from The Bankers Bank on this fresh approach to banking now and into the future.

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