2023 OBA Convention Highlights

Each year The Bankers Bank sends a handful of employees to the Oklahoma Bankers Association Annual Convention. The event is always chock-full of education and camaraderie, but this year was extra special for a few select staff members. Kas Stewart, Amanda Martin and Courtney McDaniel were all recognized for their hard work and success in banking and they took some fancy hardware home with them! TBB is very proud to have them on the team. We know our customers appreciate them and their dedication, friendship and knowledge.

Kas Stewart

SVP/Calling Officer

Kas Stewart was inducted into the Oklahoma Bankers Association “50 Year Club” and honored for her years of service to the banking industry. What an accomplishment! She started her banking career with the Federal Reserve but The Bankers Bank is proud to have called her their own for 18 years. Kas is loved and respected by bankers throughout the state of Oklahoma; some might say she knows everything and everyone related to banking. She encourages the next generation to find a job they love so that they never have to work a day in their life.

Kas lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with her husband, Mike, and their sweet pup, Mable. She spends her days on the road as a Calling Officer, bringing her knowledge and expertise to customers from Boise City to Idabel and everywhere inbetween. Kas and Mike love cars, especially fast ones. Both have been involved in drag racing as owner, participant, pit crew or spectator since the 60’s. Their car of choice is a top fuel dragster. They also enjoy Formula 1 and Hot Rod Reunions.

Amanda Martin

AVP/Calling Officer

Congratulations to Amanda Martin for graduating from the Oklahoma Bankers Association Emerging Leaders Academy. Amanda has been a “Road Warrior” at The Bankers Bank for three and a half years and has made her way through several OBA schools during that time including both the Operations and Intermediate Schools. Amanda has a background in marketing for financial institutions and has worked hard to understand the banking operations side of things since joining TBB.

Amanda is a proud mom to nine-month-old Graham. Her husband, Cole, is also a banker and the three of them live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with their two extra-large and fluffy dogs, Chloe and Kylo. Amanda serves on both her neighborhood association board and the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma’s Horizon Bankers board. By day, Amanda loves building relationships with bankers across Oklahoma as a Calling Officer. By night, she enjoys fitness, travel near and far, hiking and family time.

Courtney McDaniel

Card Services Accounting Clerk

Courtney McDaniel graduated from the Oklahoma Bankers Association Emerging Leaders Academy – way to go, Courtney! She is a rockstar employee at The Bankers Bank who always goes above and beyond. She dedicates time and energy to her job as well as many extra-curricular activities at the bank including social committees, volunteer groups, party planning and more. Courtney has worked at TBB for six and a half years and has spent time in both the lending department and the credit card department. With all that experience, her future with TBB is bright.

Courtney lives in Yukon, Oklahoma, with her husband, Jake, their daughter, Madison, and a herd of dogs and cats! She is a board member for her local fire department (of which her husband is a volunteer fire fighter) and enjoys spending time with family and going to concerts when she is out of the office.