A Message from the CEO, February 2023

As we welcome 2023, I am first happy to report that 2022 was another incredible year for TBB and our subsidiaries, BPSI and FIT. At the Bank, our net income was over $3,000,000 and our ROA was 1.46% (compared to less than 1.0% by our peer group). It was one of the best years in the bank’s history. As a quasi co-op, we are excited to be able to turn these profits into dividends to our shareholders as well as use towards research and development to give our customer banks the tools to keep up with the “Too Big To Fail” banks.

The credit goes to our customers and our staff. We have dedicated employees and subject matter experts who work hard to support our community banks. We know that we succeed when our customers succeed.

So, what does that mean for 2023? As my old football coach would say, “We’re going back to the basics and focus on blocking and tackling.” Instead of trying to do everything, we are going to emphasize our core offerings that really impact our community banks. Those items include:

1. Managing your excess liquidity.
2. Helping your bank take care of your best customers with loans and other products.
3. Aggregating our customers to help drive better terms from vendors.
4. Being subject matter experts on issues you care about like payments, technology, etc.

We will be improving our current products, like iWeb and offering new services like FedNow and SBA loan packaging. Our affiliates, Forward in Technology and Bankers Professional Services are taking the same approach as well.

I encourage you to talk to us about your needs. We can’t help you unless you tell us what you need. Helping community banks is our mission.


Troy Appling, President & CEO