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Forward in Technology

The Ideal Partner for Your IT Needs

Forward in Technology a subsidiary of Bankers Bancorp of Oklahoma, the premier service provider for bankers and other security-focused industries in the state.


Forward In Technology 

Forward In Technology can serve all of your IT needs. As a sister company of The Bankers Bank, FIT is uniquely positioned to handle the requirements placed on the financial industry through audits and exams. Their compliance experts will work alongside your staff in audit response and remediation.

Security and compliance are of high importance, but we do not let these controls restrict bank employee productivity. FIT configures secure environments for employee ease of use. When configured with humans in mind, security and productivity are not opposing forces.

FIT's high standards and controls are audited annually through a SOC 1 Type 2. Because vendor management is so important in our regulated industry, we quickly respond to requests for reports, financials, and insurance.

FIT's products and services range from a secure phone system to cloud infrastructure, from workstation support to threat management.  Visit our website or contact us (405.810.2197) to learn about how our customized and flexible services can be a perfect "fit" for your bank's technology and cybersecurity need.