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Bankers Professional Services, Inc.

The Ideal Partner for Your Compliance Needs

Bankers Professional Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Bankers Bancorp of Oklahoma, the premier service provider for bankers and other security-focused industries in the state.


Bankers Professional Services, Inc.

Bankers Professional Services provides audit and compliance experts for your bank to use. They bring nearly 100 years of experience working with banks. Bankers Professional Services, Inc. also understands the challenges and expenses our industry faces from the burden of increasing regulation. Not only are we current in our knowledge of the changing regulatory climate, but our experience is also bank-specific. Contact Bankers Professional Services, Inc. today if you need help with 

  • Regulatory compliance consulting
  • Assistance with exam preparation
  • Policy and risk assessment reviews
  • Internal Audit Program and audits
  • Bank Secrecy Act audits and consulting
  • ACH audits
  • Stand-alone audits: BSA CRA Fair Lending FFIEC IT compliance audits

Contact Dustin Loeffler dloeffler@bankproserv.com for more information.