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Managing Your Regulator Relationship

May 28, 2024

by Mike Murphy, EVP & Chief Risk Officer As a long-time banker who used to be an examiner, I am sometimes conflicted like the guy with the angel and the devil arguing on each of my shoulders. This is especially true when working with regulators whether during the exam process, filing regulatory reports or even…

May 2024 – Printable Version

May 15, 2024

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FedNow vs. RTP

May 15, 2024

by Kas Stewart, SVP & AAP A breakdown of your bank’s instant payment options … If you have questions about instant payments or would like to start utilizing FedNow and/or RTP, contact your Calling Officer to schedule an informational call with our team of experts!

Bankers Bancorp Annual Shareholder Meeting

May 15, 2024

On Friday, March 29th, TBB had our Annual Shareholder Meeting. Outgoing Chairman, Evans McBride, commented on the growth and success of TBB during his term on the Board. CEO and President, Troy Appling, was pleased to report that TBB had three record years in a row. Another significant dividend of $20 per share was paid…

Compliance Alphabet Soup

May 15, 2024

by Shannon Truax, Bankers Professional Services, Inc. What You Should Know About BSA/AML/CFT and What is With All of the New Acronyms? The Anti Money Laundering (AML) Act of 2020 has brought some changes to what we have historically known as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). Many regulatory agencies, including the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network…

February 2024 – Printable Version

February 28, 2024

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Did You Know …

February 27, 2024

… the Bankers Bank provides Investment Safekeeping Services? Our team provides superior service, support and assistance. Let us oversee your portfolio activity so you can concentrate on your customers.   Contact your calling officer for more details and a cost analysis.

Hot Topics in the Banking Industry

February 27, 2024

There is something about starting a new year that creates the opportunity to start fresh, make changes, and explore new  and changing services. As you review 2023 and rethink 2024, please include The Bankers Bank  in that process. Reach out to your calling officer and ask for a review of our capabilities. We strive to…

Sammy the Road Warrior Dog

February 27, 2024

With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to the beloved Road Warrior dog, Sammy. She held a place in so many hearts, both those of employees and customers alike. There was no place Sammy would rather be than on the road with Jim Chapman, or “Jimmy C” as many know him, a Calling Officer at The…

Congratulations, President Pringle

February 27, 2024

On January 19th, TBB EVP and General Counsel Miles Pringle was sworn in as the 2024 Oklahoma Bar Association president. He will lead the OBA’s 17-member Board of Governors, which meets monthly and governs the 18,000-member association. Supreme Court Chief Justice M. John Kane IV administered the oath to officers and new Board of Governors…