We Call Him Saint Nicholas

By Laura Coale, Marketing Officer

It is that time of year again! The annual delivery of bags of chocolate is underway. TBB employees look forward to this event every year. Preparation begins months in advance to set delivery routes, and order chocolate and other supplies.

But we could not do this without the efforts of our Nicholas “Nicky” to fill over 900 canvas “money” bags each year. Even after bagging thousands and thousands of nuggets, he still loves chocolate.

“We are so grateful to TBB for giving Nicholas a chance to do something meaningful at a company that has always embraced the possibilities of every individual, no matter what their “special needs” might be,” said Nicholas’ mom, Debra.

Nicholas takes his job very seriously. If you stop to say Hi while he’s working, don’t plan on staying long. He has work to do and after a hug and a smile, will get right back to it. And whatever you do, don’t touch the chocolate! “If you try to take even one little piece of chocolate, he will let you know about it. It doesn’t matter who you are, he is doing a very important job and it’s HIS candy for HIS bags!” Debra continues, “Nicholas truly feels like a part of TBB, and he is always so excited about the cards, letters and special gifts sent to him from the banks that receive the candy.”

Nicholas and his mom feel it is an honor to continue this tradition at The Bankers Bank. For us at TBB, the true honor is just having this guy around.

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