A Message from the CEO, November 2022

We are fresh off the TBB Road Shows and I was so glad to see so many friends. We hosted almost 200 people in five cities and discussed new iWeb features, faster payments, cyber security, cryptocurrency, and capital lending alternatives. Importantly we learned what we do well and what we can improve upon. If we missed you, please let us know what we can do better and what services you would like to see from your correspondent bank.

For 2022, the good news is that things are shaping up for another excellent year. TBB continues to provide exceptional products and services with efficiency. The bad news is we are looking at a lot of the same things you are like margin compression, increased costs and competition, inflation, and a possible recession. First, we can use your help. If you have a loan you need to participate, or have capital needs, come see us first. We will never be your competition!

Second, we need to invest more in our products, services and people. As a result, we will continue to evaluate our pricing, but do not worry. As a quasi-cooperative we will always look to balance a sustainable business model with tremendous customer value. Most of our customers are also our shareholders so we will always make your bottom line a priority.

Thank you for all that you do with us!


Troy Appling, President & CEO