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Don’t forget to complete the Federal Reserve Security and Resiliency Assurance program for 2022. This is an annual requirement that must be completed by December 31. However, you may complete and submit your report at any time during the calendar year. Material should have been provided to your End User Authorized Contact (EUAC) in March. If you need assistance, the Federal Reserve has created a Resource Center that includes access to previous webinar recordings, Training Opportunities for 2022 as well as Frequently Asked Questions. Log on to and open the Resource tab.

Fraud is ever present. EPCOR recently announced that they have acquired the Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA) Fraud Alert Service. They will be offering free informational webinars on July 26 and August 4. This is a new EPCOR Member benefit, so you may want to learn more about the value to your institution.

And you might want to learn about the Federal Reserve Synthetic Identity Fraud Mitigation Toolkit. The information is designed to help financial institutions, businesses and consumer identify and fight fraud. To explore the toolkit, use this link: https:/